Creativity at Work

Creativity at Work
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ISBN: 9783030613105
Autor: Roni Reiter-Palmon
Einband/Bindung: Buch
Sprache: Englisch
Seitenzahl: 272
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Verlag: Springer International Publishing
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This book brings together leading scholars in the field of creativity to provide an overview and examination of the work of Teresa Amabile, a pioneer of research on organizational creativity. The authors explore Dr. Amabile's contributions to the modern study of creativity in organizations and her influence on current research. Further, they also reflect on how her work might be used to advance future research, particularly in the areas of componential theory and its extension as well as the consensual assessment technique. The contributors include both eminent and emerging scholars and their diverse backgrounds can be seen to reflect the breadth of the impact of Teresa Amabile's work across the areas of the social psychology of creativity, creativity measurement, and application of this knowledge to understanding creativity and innovation in the workplace.
Artikel-Nr.: 9783030613105
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